We created Cloth Haus with a vision to upgrade our lifestyle by making our choices more sustainable and responsible.

With widespread media reports touting the fashion industry to be a major contributor to the world’s overstressed landfills, we believe that fashion does not have to come at this cost.

Our products are made from sustainable materials and are made in factories that ensure the highest standards of social welfare and transparency.

Recycled Polyester

Our high-durability polyester fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles that would otherwise land up in our oceans and landfills. We work with companies that breakdown and reprocess these bottles into wonderfully soft fabrics that exhibit vibrant colors and are beautifully soft on your skin.

We are certified by the RCS standard and audited by Control Union.

You can read more about the RCS standard and its implications here.

Organic Cotton

Our natural fiber cotton come from cotton grown in farms practicing organic farming. As opposed to mass produced cotton, organic cotton does not rely on use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. This ensures soil fertility and agricultural biodiversity is maintained naturally. Use Genetically Modified Seeds (GMO) is also discouraged.

As per this, we are certified by the GOTS standard and audited by Control Union.

You can read more about the GOTS standard and its implications here.

Lenzing Fibers

Lenzing fibers are made from natural wood. They are botanic products derived from renewable sources and processed with unique resource-conserving technologies. This is how we take responsibility for our planet's future.

You can read more about Lenzing fabrics here.

Ethical Responsibility

Our factories are amfori BSCI & Sedex compliant units.

These are global standards of social accountability that certify factories who follow all local laws with regards to payment of wages, working hours, leave policies, good working environments and other statutes related to worker welfare.