Cloth Haus is brought to you by a company which has over 35
years of textile export experience.
Having exported to countries like USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands and other parts of the Western world, we are well versed with new age fabrics, modern printing techniques, garmenting skills, quality standards and ethical compliances.
Our vision is to bring better and more responsible product to our home market.
India has always been a global powerhouse in the textile world and has always had lots to offer in the modern world besides the traditional designs and techniques we all know and have come to love.
We love to explore the newness that India exports world wide and bring it home.
Our fabrics are soft to touch, comfortable on the skin, thoroughly tested and will pass all international chemical compliance standards.
Everything has been made in India.
Our prints are unique and under copyright so you may not find the same print elsewhere.
When you buy a Cloth Haus product, you can be assured of comfortable wear and ease of care. You can be assured that the team responsible for manufacturing your purchase has been paid and treated fairly and works in comfortable working conditions.
We hope you enjoy your purchase and come back for more!